Property Manager Mobile Marketing

The DriveBuy Mobile Marketing Platform is a convenient way to minimize daily interrupts so you can focus on important tasks. Property information is immediately delivered to prospects so you don’t have to. The DriveBuy system records phone numbers and properties of interest so you can interact with prospects when it is convenient to you.

Top Level Features

24X7 Lead Capture

Price, Size and Availability questions answered automatically

Instant Text Message and Email Lead Notifications

Mobile Website for each property with contact form

CRM Lead Export


Eliminates missed calls and lost voicemails

No more information tubes or flyer boxes to refill.

Spend more of your valuable time with qualified Buyers.

Be more responsive and gain a competitive advantage

Use the additional time to increase the number of doors you manage

Differentiate yourself from the competition. Market in ways that they don’t and become more accessible to more Renters