How it Works

Setting up your code is easy!

You can add a link to either your own website or a mobile listing site created on the DriveBuy system. Our built-in link shortener saves space in the text message response and tracks every click.

You can buy your text message signs or sign riders from us, or have your own sign vendor make them. Whatever you choose, get those signs out there!

Every time a prospect texts the code on your sign you’ll receive a lead capture notification via e-mail and/or text message.

How can DriveBuy help?

We serve the real estate industry with a passion that comes from being realtors and property managers ourselves! DriveBuy’s features, integrations and pricing are tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by brokers, agents, and property managers. We listen to our customers and constantly look for ways to improve our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we hear most often about our system. We cover questions about the text message service, signs, and mobile websites. Contact us if you have a question we don’t address here.
Yes. The Ad Code is assigned to you and can be reused for any listing. Simply move the sign and update the ad text in your mobile marketing portal on
There are no per message or per lead charges. Each ad code is leased per month. You can add more codes at any time and deactivate codes if you don’t have enough listings. The monthly code lease will be charged if the code is active at any time during a calendar month.
DriveBuy Lead Routing can send you notifications to your cell phone via text message and/or email. You can also route the leads to a different agent or an admin. Leads can also be imported directly into your Outlook contact list.
No. You can use your own sign vendor if you like. We recommend you check pricing with your sign vendor. In many cases, DriveBuy can provide better pricing and faster service for signs.
Text message signs and sign riders usually ship within 5 business days via FedEx Ground from Austin, Texas.
Yes. Every text message response has a SmartLink that can show photos and more detailed property information. Try out the demos and click on the link at the end of the message to see it in action.
DriveBuy does not charge your customers to use the service. Their mobile service provider may charge them a small fee depending on their rate plan.
You can update your messages immediately at any time by logging into your mobile marketing portal on
Go get your sign and place it on another one of your properties. Let DriveBuy help you market that property too! Just remember to update your listing details in your mobile marketing portal on
You can deactivate selected property codes online. We have a password-protected area on our website specifically for this purpose. When you get a new listing, just update the ad code with the new property info and put out the sign. If an ad code is not active during a calendar month, you won’t be billed.
You will be notified via email and/or text when each lead comes in. You can contact the prospect by phone or text at that point. All activity for each property code is available in downloadable report form from your marketing portal on the DriveBuy website.
Currently the DriveBuy service is only available in the U.S.