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Postcard Neighborhood Farming with SMS and QR Code Mobile Marketing

Make your farming campaigns actionable and track-able instantly

Save 2.5 hours per month per property for lease

As long as you have a sign up in front of a property you should utilize the marketing potential to its fullest.

"Twitter's of no value to REALTORS®". Really? Try THIS.

Twitter search for REALTORS

Design Your Facebook Page Like a Pro - Image Maps Tutorial

I was recently wowed by the Facebook page of eXp Realty. I'm not exagerrating when I say, in terms of design and branding coherency, eXp is the best brokerage FB page I've seen thus far. This must have cost extra, I thought. I was convinced that eXp must have paid FB something extra to enable such a page. Totally kosher, in…

DriveBuy Service Announcement - New Site & Improved Tools!

DriveBuy Service Announcement - New Site & Improved Tools!

Note from the founder:

I'd like to thank you for your support and suggestions over the last few years.

Since 2007, consumers have raised their expectations of immediate access to relevant information. During that time our customers have been able to follow up on inquiries armed with the information…

Green Marketing for Property Managers

This post courtesy of Michael Monteiro, CEO of Buildium LLC, maker of online property management software for landlords, professional property managers, condos and homeowner associations (HOAs) and is author of the The Buildium Property…

Dimdim & The New School of Green Marketing

Dimdim has figured it out. The popular online meeting platform is free to the average consumer and offers an incredibly stable and user-friendly solution. I had been using Dimdim for slightly over a month when I was struck by a particular piece of copy that I read over and over:

Every Dimdim web conference…

Nice review of DriveBuy's platform

The folks over at Second Self Virtual Assistance have a nice review up about DriveBuy. We love that :)

DriveBuy Featured on Larry Easto's Real Estate Marketing Link!

Real estate marketing expert Larry Easto has recently written about DriveBuy Tech on his ActiveRain blog.

Larry sees the a bright future in mobile marketing for the real estate space, and we're excited that he chose us to highlight such technologies.

While you're there, be sure…

Begging the Answers: Twitter Search - Apartments.

Twitter search is one of the coolest features of the now-ubiquitous social media site. We've already discussed how sales agents might discover opportunities using twitter search here.

But we thought it might be good to expand upon that somewhat and offer some more suggestions about how to…