What is a QR Code?

QR (or Quick Response) codes are two-dimensional bar codes that were originally created in 1994 by Denso-Way, a Japanese corporation. QR Codes were originally used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing. Since then, a growing number of companies and individuals are using QR Codes as a way to create linkage between the physical world and the Internet. Consumers with a mobile device and the appropriate software can point their cameras at any QR Code and immediately access additional information via a mobile optimized website.

How can QR Codes be used in Real Estate?

There are almost no limits to how REALTORS® can use QR codes. The only real limits are those of imagination. The most actionable steps include placing a QR code on any consumer facing signage and printed materials. You can view our QR Code Signs, Sign Riders and Decals or see examples below.

When planning to use QR codes in your Real Estate Marketing programs, remember that context is critical. If you are promoting a specific property, make certain that your QR code points to information about that property. If you are promoting yourself and capabilities, use a QR code that takes your prospective customers to information about you.

Remember: QR Codes are for Mobile Devices

One of the top early mistakes made in creating QR codes is forgetting that consumers will be accessing and viewing the information from a mobile device. Don’t waste any time or energy with QR codes if you haven’t taken the time to optimize your content for mobile devices.

As a DriveBuy Technologies client, you’ll never need to worry about learning how to create a QR code or waste any time determining the right image size or page dimensions of the thousands of mobile device screen sizes. We provide point and click access to QR codes for any listing or property ad you are marketing through your account.

So.... How much do Real Estate QR Codes cost?

Every DriveBuy Ad Code comes with a QR Code at no additional cost! Get Started Now

Need a QR Reader to get started?

DriveBuy Technologies has put together a short-list of QR Code readers that you can use to help get you started. If you are interested:




Within seconds, you’ll receive a text message with information about a few of our recommendations including links to where you can download the applications