Keyword Tips

Keywords in the DriveBuy Tech system are the letters preceding the ad number in Ad Codes.  

HOME is the keyword in the Ad Code HOME123.   The numbers are sequenced, so if you pick a keyword no one else is using the numbers start off at one.

Our Advice: Don’t overthink it!  Short and simple is best.

Here are a few tips for selecting your keyword.

Keywords must be at least 3 characters long.  They can be as long as you want, but the shorter the better.  The less you ask someone to type, the less chance they’ll make a mistake.

Keywords can only include letters.  No numbers, spaces or special characters.

Keywords are usually based on one of three things:  Locale, Company or Name

  • Locale – City, State neighborhood, or their abbreviations are great.  For example, some Austin customers use ATX as the keyword. 
  • Brand – Brand name if it’s short enough or an abbreviation.  For example, GTR could be used for Great Town Realty.
  • Name – First Name, Last Name or Initials are very popular.  For example BTR for Bob the Realtor.