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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Marketing Tools of Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate market is embracing social media with open arms.

Networking is also helping the real estate industry during the current housing slump. Murray said many “buyers prefer the convenience of developing a relationship with one party to…

Twitter Spam - Following the Dollars

We love Twitter here at DriveBuy! So much so that we integrated our software with the Twitter api. It lets our customers post listings directly to Twitter with a SmartLink that's mobile friendly. Very useful and the search engines love it.

When we were considering building the integration there was a healthy debate about whether or not posting property listings to Twitter was considered…

SMS: Social, Mobile, Seamless

As a REALTOR® you are inundated with requests to part with your marketing dollars for a plethora of great ideas. Mobile marketing may be on your radar but perhaps are hesitant to jump in, especially in this economic climate. Why should you consider marketing your properties (and yourself) via SMS?

SMS is Social

You've probably seen the numbers - some 3.3…

Useful Real Estate Trend Information

Some interesting articles and publications on trends around the country.

Obama Sticking with Mobile Marketing

Most have heard about President-elect Obama's text message about his VP selection.
The administration seems to be sticking with mobile post-election.
Just received this message:

Help President-elect Obama renew America w/ service projects around the Inauguration. Txt SERVE to 56333 for info. For Inauguration updates txt HISTORY to 56333
Impressed that they're…

Timing is Everything: How to waste a great Mobile Marketing opportunity

Take a look at the Text Message AT&T just sent out:

------ SMS Text ------
From: 3746
Sent: Jan 14, 2009 10:07 AM
Subject: AT&T Free Msg: Are you ready for...

AT&T Free Msg: Are you ready for American Idol? …

Will MLS become a thing of the past?

Jeff Corbett - the XBroker - has a very good article questioning traditional real estate business practices and asks if MLS can itself survive. He makes some tremendous points about how an industry recovers from a bubble business model…

Inman News: Return to Old ways Won't Save Real Estate

Inman news has posted a Q & A session with Manuel J. Iraola, president and CEO for Homekeys. Iraola has some pretty interesting and insightful comments about how the industry has reached a turning point.

Some of his focus revolves around technology and instant access to information…

Agents, Brokers and Property Managers: Making the most of your Mobile Campaign.

Many companies still view mobile marketing as a "future" strategy. Reasoning for this is varied. Maybe they don't want to expand their marketing budgets in a downturn or see the technology as immature. There does appear to be a "wait and see" attitude while many advocates claim each successive year is "the year of mobile marketing." Also, "Mobile Marketing" has now come to include rich applications…

Why haven't I seen any activity on my text ad?

No matter the SMS vendor, this question is bound to arise when a Realtor® puts out a new sign displaying his shiny new mobile adcode but doesn't receive any leads.

One could assume in the current economic climate that this is due entirely to a lack of buyer interest. Maybe so, but there are other…