A Day in the Life of a Busy Real Estate Agent: With and Without Text Marketing

Many of us struggle to imagine the impact a new tool can have on our lives without seeing the tool in action. “Real estate texting service” exists only as an aspiration until an agent can witness how significant an effect it actually has on their daily schedule. When that happens, the tool becomes a necessity. […]

How to Use Your Real Estate Signs Strategically

Everyone in the real estate world knows: Some listings get hundreds of leads while some get just a handful (or even none). Cracking the whole code behind this discrepancy remains elusive, but some agents and brokers have deduced one or two of the most important variables. Those who take a more strategic approach to advertising […]

How to Attract More Qualified Millennials as Real Estate Leads

Millennials have quietly carved out the lion’s share of the real estate market. They represent 38 percent of home buyers in 2021, and that percentage grows by the year. As the covid-19 pandemic reshapes how we work and buy homes, marketing effectively to Millennials has become more important than ever. Younger real estate agents and […]

Gatekeeper or Information Source?

Are you a gatekeeper or information source? For the last ten years we’ve had discussions with our real estate customers that go something like the one below. DBT:  Hi Sally, we were just reviewing your account and wanted to let you know there may be some improvements you can make on the information you’re putting […]

How To Design a Text Message Sign

Over the years we’ve seen some really good text message signs with clear calls to action, and we’ve also seen some that are, well, not so good. Since we don’t require our clients to purchase our signs, some of them use their local sign company. We literally tell them, “Go for it, but be sure […]