Why should you choose DriveBuy as your mobile marketing marketing partner?

At DriveBuy, we have dedicated our company to serve the Real Estate industry. Our features, integrations and pricing are tailored for your needs, whether you are a Broker, Agent or Property Manager. We listen to our customers and are constantly looking for ways to improve our platform to meet the specific needs of the Real Estate industry. Here are just some of the reasons we feel choosing DriveBuy as your social mobile marketing partner is a good idea.

  • Experience - We've been providing real estate professionals around the country mobile marketing services since early 2007.
  • Service - We're accessible. You can reach us via toll-free number (877-848-4045), email, online chat and text message. When you interact with DriveBuy you're not dealing with someone in a far off call center. You're dealing with a real mobile marketing expert at our office.
  • Pricing - Your inventory changes all the time so our pricing is flexible. You pay only for the active codes in your inventory. If you have no active listings, just deactivate your ads and you pay nothing. There are no hidden fees or message charges to worry about either.
  • Branding - We provide Custom Branding for all mobile property sites and keywords. Our platform let's you promote YOUR brand to your prospects. We highly recommend trying out our demos to see for yourself.
  • Shortcode - We own the best shortcode in the business - 88000. It is easy to remember and easy for the customer to text to this shortcode. Making it easy for your prospects is key to getting you the most leads.
  • Mobile Friendly - your mobile flyers are dynamically tailor-made to fit any web-browser, whether this is a mobile-device browser or desktop browser.
  • SmartLinks™ - links delivered back to the prospect are dynamic and provide up to the second reporting data. SmartLinks can direct prospects to our outstanding mobile sites or to any external site you choose.
  • Social Media Integration - at DriveBuy we recognize that mobile marketing is social media marketing. Our twitter integration gives you the ability to "tweet" listings to your Twitter followers.
  • Top Producer® Integration - your leads are instantly imported into your Top Producer® account so you can follow up through the tool you already use to interact with prospects.