More and more REALTORS® are using Twitter as a way to interact with prospects and network with other REALTORS®.

If you're not using Twitter you may want to consider it. The list of agents using Twitter to interact with prospects and other REALTORS® is growing daily.

At DriveBuy, we love Twitter as it allows us to easily and succinctly reach out to our customers and prospects. (You should follow us!). Shortly after we started using it we noticed that REALTORS® were manually "tweeting" their listings - which involved re-keying certain information from the listing and manually shortening urls so the listing information would fit within the Twitter 140 character limit.

Seeing a terrific opportunity to improve upon a manual process, our engineers got to work. Now our customers can "tweet" their listings to their twitter account with a simple push of a button. No more manual steps!

Twitter Integration Provides Several Advantages to DriveBuy customers:

  • Push button "tweet" of listing:
  • Prospects see your brand throughout the entire buying experience (keyword, twitter account, mobile flyer branding)
  • SmartLinks™ included in "tweet" - record clickthroughs
  • Setting up your twitter account takes a matter of seconds
  • Put your flyer on their phone AND their browser!

Useful Twitter/Real Estate Information