Real Estate Mobile Marketing Customer Reviews

Results may vary from customer to customer on a case-by-case basis.

Nick - Nashville, TN

In an age where enhanced technology often replaces effective business relationships and customer service becomes a near virtual phenomenon, it has been extremely rewarding to work with you the past few months. Our firm launched in April 2010 and we started using DriveBuy Technologies shortly after for all of our residential or land listing signs and our 77 flat screen ads all around Nashville.

Several things stand out that really separate your company from ANY OTHER company we have worked with in regards to mobile advertising. Your ultimate dedication to our success, willingness to go the extra 10 miles so our firm stands out in a competitive market and outstanding customer service that we have never experienced really makes me proud to be affiliated with your company. The text campaign signs we ordered from you guys came quicker than expected and look so much better than what everyone else is using, thank you so much again! We have already given your name out to several larger firms and hopefully by now they may already be clients.

Sybil Chicoine - VP Marketing

Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty

We started working with DriveBuyTech in September 2009. I found the set up quick and incredibly intuitive; the billing straight forward; and the roll out to our 50+ Agents easy.

I have also found the Team at Drive Buy Technology, from sales to tech support, to be a fantastic resource in helping us get the most out of their product to provide maximum exposure of our listings while also enhancing our internet marketing strategies.

Marcus - Madison, WI

We worked with a small local company and after numerous problems and lack of support we finally made the change. We have had nothing but success with DriveBuy and are very happy we made the switch.

Julie - Santa Fe, NM

And once I made the decision today, I’ve been completely impressed with your customer service – makes me even more confident that prospects will have a good experience with the product as well.
I’ve already recommended it to the 4 other Realtor

Greg - Naples, FL

There are other reasons I like this technology. I have eliminated flier boxes from my listings. That means I don't have to my staff to send them our to check on the boxes of unoccupied listings. It's also GREEN meaning no paper is used and eliminates the need for paper fliers. It is also pretty cool when you can sit in front of a prospective listing client and demonstrate our points of difference.

Sound Familiar?

A slow conversation...

Agent:  "Hello?"

Caller:  "Yeah, I was wondering what that house cost over there on the south side of town..."

Agent:  "OK, which one? I have several listings."

Caller:  "You know! The one over off of Congress."

Agent:  "I have three near there....."

Caller:  "Well I can't remember the address and there were no fliers in your box but it's the blue one on the left hand side of the street. Does that help any?"

An accelerated conversation...

Agent: "Hello?"

Caller: "Hey Tom, I got the text message and really liked the house on Cranberry way, my wife was just wowed by the granite counter tops, and I was wondering if you would have time to show it this afternoon."

Agent: "Sure. I have some time at 2:30, will that work for you?"

Caller: "That's perfect! See you then."

An unfortunate conversation...

Monday, 8:03 AM

Agent: "Hi, this is Tom with ACME Realty"

Prospect:  "Yeah."

Agent: "I had a missed call from this number over the weekend."

Prospect: "OK."

Agent: "Well, I was just returning the call. Is there something I can help with."

Prospect: "Well, we're in from LA and were looking at houses. No idea which one I called about. We met another agent on Saturday and he's helping us find a new place in Austin. Bye."

An accelerated conversation...

Saturday, 2:07 PM

Agent:  "Hi, this is Tom with ACME Realty. I just got a notification that you're inquired about my listing at 123 Congress. What do you think of it?"

Prospect:  "Well, it's a little out of our budget. We just got into town and we've been driving around for a couple of hours shopping."

Agent: "Are you working with an agent yet?"

Prospect: "Not yet."

Agent:"I specialize in South Austin where you're looking right now. I'm actually showing another listing right down the street. Why don't you swing by and we can pull up some listings that meet your criteria."

Prospect: "Sounds good. What's the address? ...."