How Mobile Marketing Works In Real Estate

The information is instantly available and routed to all the people and places you need it to be. DriveBuy can route leads to your cell phone, email, assistant, or even into your lead tracking system. The DriveBuy system is designed to help you accelerate conversations by delivering relevant information to your prospects the instant they want it, and providing you with the ability to connect immediately with interested parties.

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It Couldn't Be Easier!

The DriveBuy Mobile Marketing Platform is designed to work with any mobile device. Each message includes client configured messages and information and includes a SmartLinkā„¢ to the client's branded mobile website.

  1. Customers see your ad
  2. They send a text message
    (TXT:HOME2 TO:88000)
  3. They immediately receive information about your business

It only takes seconds and you're immediately notified of their interest.