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Topline E-Newsletter by Top Producer
DriveBuy is featured in the May 2008 Topline E-Newsletter, distributed by Top Producer.
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Top Producer and DriveBuy Technologies announce a new partnership

You never know where your next lead will come from. That's why we're committed to providing our clients with a wide range of opportunities to market their services and make it as easy as possible for prospects to contact you. In partnership with DriveBuy Technologies, we’re introducing a new mobile marketing solution that allows you to expand your prospecting efforts by leveraging the power and convenience of sms/text messaging.

Now you can offer your prospects easy access to detailed information about your properties for sale, available to them via text message. This service allows you to provide mobile codes for property ads on yard signage and property promotions. Prospects driving by the sign will be able to gather property information instantly on their mobile device by sending a text message using your specified code. Property information can include price, property details, a link to a virtual tour, and your contact information. You can update your messages at any time by logging into your mobile marketing portal on

Prospective buyers who respond are then automatically entered as leads into your Top Producer contact database for easy follow-up.

Please note: This service requires a DriveBuy Technologies subscription in addition to your Top Producer 7i or 8i account. For more information, visit DriveBuy Technologies.


Live demo - use your cell phone right now to see how mobile marketing will work for you!

Text HOME2 to 88000.

If you are new to text messaging, HOME2 is the message you enter for the demo and 88000 is the short code you send it to - it’s that simple. You will receive a text message response which will provide you with an example of the property details automatically sent to prospective buyers.