Study Reveals Mobile Trends

The Pew Internet Study defines “Networked Workers” (NWs) as those who
use the internet or email at their workplace.  NWs comprise 62% of the US Workforce

Here are some interesting NW numbers relating to mobile technology demographics.

  • 93% own a cell phone, compared with 78% of all American adults.
  • 85% own a desktop computer, compared with 65% of all adults.
  • 61% own a laptop computer, compared with 39% of all adults.
  • 27% own a Blackberry, Palm or other personal digital assistant, compared with 13% of all adults.

The big number here is the paultry 13% of all adults who own a PDA or Smart Phone.  While that number

has grown it's still not close to the penetration of cell phones.  

Interesting numbers about who uses text messaging.  66% of 30-49 year olds use text messaging.

Source: Pew Internet - Networked Workers (PDF) - Sep 24, 2008