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Marketing to the Small Screen

Brian Boero at the 1000Watt Consulting blog has a very interesting post about mobile and real estate.

The inherent “limitations” of the small screen are in fact liberating for the people who count: End users. These are the folks too often forced…

Google Loves Twitter: Using DriveBuy's Twitter Integration is an SEO Bonanza

When the DriveBuy team decided to add an integration to Twitter, we envisioned something that would just make it easier for our customers to give their followers a view of available properties from their twitter stream. If you're a regular user of Twitter, you realize that the web interface to twitter is serviceable, but can be difficult when posting the shortened urls that are so popular and save…

Too Much Information? Social Media Has Blurred The Line

You have probably heard the acronym “TMI” before—Too Much Information. It’s usually said when someone shares something a little too personal. Context and audience have always been the keys to knowing what is or is not appropriate in behavior and speech at any given moment. This has not changed. Almost everything else has.

To frame the discussion, I asked my father to summarize…

The Twittocalypse: Twitter & Terrible Tech Predictions

“Twitter is a fad.”

- Burt Helm, Business Week, April 2009

“Twitter is a fad that will slowly fade away.”

51% of Internet Evolution poll

Found 8 Prospects In 2 Minutes Using Twitter - Here's How

In our previous posts, we explored how to use Twitter's advanced search features to find two types of prospects:

  • Those already in your area
  • Those looking to move to your area
In revisiting the latter group, I just wanted to offer some proof of how easy it is to find these individuals.

Real Estate Twitter Search - who's moving to your neighborhood?

Twitter Search For Finding new leads

Finding Local Buyers, Sellers, and Renters Using Twitter