DriveBuy Service Announcement - New Site & Improved Tools!

DriveBuy Service Announcement - New Site & Improved Tools!

Note from the founder:

I'd like to thank you for your support and suggestions over the last few years.

Since 2007, consumers have raised their expectations of immediate access to relevant information. During that time our customers have been able to follow up on inquiries armed with the information they need to have Accelerated Conversations. Take a look at the release notes below. Make sure you're getting the most value you can from the platform.

We all look forward to helping you grow your business and finding new ways to leverage mobile technologies in the coming months.


Dylan Schleppe

Founder, DriveBuy Technologies

Your mobile marketing platform just got better.

While you were sleeping, the DriveBuy engineering team was busy upgrading your software. Several exciting improvements were added including:

  1. Updated and improved website - We've updated the look and feel of our website, improved navigation and added more information about the DriveBuy platform. Check it out and let us know what you think.
  2. Improved SMS formatting and preview - Every message now contains a call to action, "PICS+MORE @", to ensure maximum click-throughs. The formatting of each message is also much improved. You now get a more accurate preview of what the prospect will see.
  3. Referral and Affiliate program- We now make it easy for our customers to refer others! Our best customers are your referrals. In the coming weeks we'll reveal affiliate commissions so you can use DriveBuy to generate cash! Just click on the "Refer a Friend" button to try it out. There are three ways to share the DriveBuy platform with others:
    • Affiliate Badge - just copy and paste the code to your webpages, and credits will be added to your account whenever someone signs up via the link in your Affiliate Badge.
    • Email - just cut and paste email addresses into the system and we'll handle the rest
    • Twitter - click "Post a Referral to Twitter" and "tweet" a referral. Again, any new customers you send our way via twitter will be sourced to you.
  4. Mobile Website Improvements -The industry's best mobile websites just got better! Users are now able to select from several pre-branded templates for common brands, in addition to a few other eye-catching color schemes. We've also updated our color picker to give you easier control and more choices.
  5. Help System Improvements - Getting answers to common questions is easier than ever. Just run your mouse over the question mark near any part of the user interface to get its corresponding help documentation.

Featured Customer

Dale Irwin with House Hunter Realty in Dallas, Texas.

"The week we started using DriveBuy we got a lead on a very beat up house but my agent followed up anyway. Client was interested. Made a cash offer and closed 11 days later. We use DriveBuy on all of our properties no matter how big or small. They generate leads."


The DriveBuy Team
2121 S. Lamar Suite 204,
Austin, Texas 78704

Toll Free: (877) 848-4045
SMS: DBT@88000

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