Marketing to the Small Screen

Brian Boero at the 1000Watt Consulting blog has a very interesting post about mobile and real estate.

The inherent “limitations” of the small screen are in fact liberating for the people who count: End users. These are the folks too often forced to slog through a chopped salad of links, footers and gratuitous content served up by SEO-obsessed product teams. The small screen concentrates the developer mind and compels a better experience.

And, for now, the mobile platform is relatively free from ads. This is changing fast, but even when mobile advertising matures it is likely to be less disruptive than what users have come to expect on the big screen. Early data suggest they may even be more effective.

Most importantly, the experience is portable, which is perfectly suited to real estate.

Excellent points. We have believed for years that the small screen is where its at. Brian's focus is on specific applications, but it will be a while before there is a preponderance of application-capable phones in user's hands for them to compete with SMS or the phone's browser.

This is why we've focused on SMS and the mobile flier/website. SMS is ubiquitous and the number of devices which have a browser is growing.

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