Google Loves Twitter: Using DriveBuy's Twitter Integration is an SEO Bonanza

When the DriveBuy team decided to add an integration to Twitter, we envisioned something that would just make it easier for our customers to give their followers a view of available properties from their twitter stream. If you're a regular user of Twitter, you realize that the web interface to twitter is serviceable, but can be difficult when posting the shortened urls that are so popular and save valuable character space.

So people often turn to tools like TweetDeck and Twhirl which integrate with url shortening services like tinyurl and We wanted to add this same convenience within the DriveBuy application so that posting a listing wouldn't require anything more than the push of a button.

What we didn't realize at the time were the feature's amazing SEO possibilities for our customers. Simply put: Google Loves Twitter.

About three weeks ago, I decided to use the DriveBuy app for personal reasons. I have a 1954 Chevrolet 210 coupe I have owned since 1993. I used to drive it to work every day and believed that one day I would make it into a custom fashioned in the style so popular in the 50's and 60's.

But alas, family and work have relegated this old machine into a fixture of the driveway. It was time to sell my baby and make room in the driveway. So, I created a listing in the DriveBuy app, added pictures and tweeted that it was available via twitter.

What happened next was unexpected. Within a week, searching on the title of my listing, I found it had climbed to the top of google's search results for "54 Chevy for sale in Austin".

When I examined the link traffic for this listing, I noticed that it was a matter of seconds before the Google "bots" were all over the listing's url.

Why did this happen?

More importantly, can this be replicated?

We think so, but you have to consider long-tail theory. Most real estate professionals involved in SEO know that it is nigh on impossible to compete with the major players for search traffic for generic search terms like "real estate" or "real estate listings" due to competition and just sheer volume of real estate listings available on the web.

The long tail theory suggests that higher conversion rates occur when the search term is more specific. For instance, "real estate Barton Creek, Austin" as opposed to "real estate".

The title I put in my listing was specific to a location. You probably won't find it by merely searching "54 Chevy for sale". Thus, agents who use our service, will want to consider this when creating the title for their listing before tweeting it.

Around 3 Days

Typically we're seeing that it takes around 3 days for the google bots to fully index the listings so that they crawl up the ranks. There is no guarantee that you will have the same results I had (we have seen customers achieve similar results) and there are some things you can do to get better results.

  • Include the address in your listing title - this also makes it easier when people browse your listings from their mobile device.

  • Make sure the address info is filled out

  • Make sure that your website address is enabled in your template settings.

  • Check the "Enable Item List" in your mobile template settings.

That's about it. Most importantly though experiment. We will also and intend to bring what we find into the app so that all of our customers enjoy the benefits of our research.

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