Found 8 Prospects In 2 Minutes Using Twitter - Here's How

In our previous posts, we explored how to use Twitter's advanced search features to find two types of prospects:
  • Those already in your area
  • Those looking to move to your area
In revisiting the latter group, I just wanted to offer some proof of how easy it is to find these individuals.

This is what I did, but you can customize it and refine it to your heart's content:

  • Went to Twitter's advanced search page:
  • In the "All of These Words" field, typed in Austin (that's where we are)
  • In the "Any of These Words" field, typed in "moving relocating relocation transfer " (this searches for any tweets containing Austin and any of the words you query
In the first two pages of results, I found 8 viable prospects. Want proof? Click the screen shots below:

Try it yourself and link back to your screen shots!

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