Real Estate Twitter Search - who's moving to your neighborhood?

Twitter Search For Finding new leads

In a previous post, we gave an example of GeoCode searches in twitter and how they could be useful in building a Real Estate professional's network. We have been playing with Twitter search to see if there are searches that net results beyond our own neighborhood to find people interested in moving to our neighborhood.

As we said, your goal is not to just immediately start following a stranger merely because they are a potential customer. In a down market, good customer service is a commodity of which you must possess a large stockpile.

When you search and find people interested in your location or who have solid plans on moving there, you want to offer them resources to make their move as smooth as possible. The main thing you want to convey is sincerity and service. If you can do this, you just might win their business. If you see dollar signs rather than another human who could use some help, you are far less likely to gain a customer.

With that in mind, take a look at some search terms that net some very interesting results.

DriveBuy is headquartered in Austin, TX. So we set out to see how an agent or broker in our fair city might find prospects relocating here.

The first search term we tried was 'moving to Austin'. A very interesting set of results were delivered.

Keep in mind that Twitter's search results are far different than what you might find from any other traditional search engine because they are also relevant to a recent timeline. The same search on Google or Yahoo will find results years old whereas the above search will return tweets from the last two days.

Now try something similar for your town.

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