Finding Local Buyers, Sellers, and Renters Using Twitter

If you’re not already a Twitter addict, you’ve at least considered hopping on the “buzziest” web bandwagon since MySpace. You probably also know that folks out there are using this form of microblogging to market their goods and services. Doing so easily and effectively, however, is another story. The good news is that real estate professionals don’t need to use third-party software or have a degree in computer science to find prospective clients via Twitter. The in-house advanced search page does the trick well, as long as you follow some basic rules. It’s all about targeting, folks—here’s how:

Step by Step:

  1. Sign up if you haven’t.
  2. Visit .
  3. Click on “Advanced Search”.
  4. Scroll down to “Places”. Enter your zip in the “Near This Place” field. In “Within This Distance,” put your preferred range.
  5. Think about who you want to target. Avoid the term “real estate,” or you will likely find others in the business rather than customers. Terms like “Realtor” might net you some people looking for a Realtor or at least at some point in the home-searching or selling process. Depending on your professional focus, terms like “apartment,” “lease,” “foreclosure,” “REO,” “loft,” “townhome”, etc., should target your search to people that fall into your preferred customer base. Write these terms down.
  6. In the third field down, “Any of these words,” type in these terms separated by spaces (no commas). If a term is two words, put it in quotations or else your results will be wildly off-target.
  7. Click “Search”.

Your results will vary, but you can hone your search words and find conversations which are relevant to your business.

How you approach these leads is up to you, but it is probably best to avoid simply “following” that user without any other communication. Try replying to their tweet with specific information or a link that is relevant to whatever they are in the market for. They may realize that you are a Realtor as soon as you contact them, or you may have to follow up and let them know. If you follow them and they follow you back, you can then message them directly, and you’ll be able to see if they say anything else that you may be able to help with. This too will take some trial and error to perfect. Be persistent without being pushy, practice your approach, and sooner or later, you’ll realize the power of the tweet!

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