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DriveBuy's platform allows you to integrate your own website into the instant mobile websites created in the application. Visitors view these mobile fliers on their phones and their web browsers. But we don't just stop at providing beautiful single-property mobile websites for your listings.

DriveBuy Technologies' software gives you much more. The system allows you to add your own links to these sites to create a powerful back-link channel to your own website.

DriveBuy's SmartLinks ™ give you insight into who is viewing your mobile listings


DriveBuy's url shortening saves valuable real estate in your text messages, but it also adds another benefit: it makes it easy for your prospects to forward these links to their friends. By keeping the urls short and easy to type, even the most fumble-fingered among us can enter the url into a browser and view the properties instantly. Because the sites have links back to your own website, this becomes a good direct channel to your main brand.

With all deference to Ron Popeil: Wait! There's More!

With the Twitter integration, you can push out links to Twitter with the push of a button and we recommend that you do. With over 10 million Twitter users, you're exposing the listing (and its contained backlinks) to a wide audience. The search engines pick up these "tweets" containing the link to your mobile listing. You not only provide a superior, branded experience for prospects who text in from signs and other advertising channels, you provide a powerful, branded single-property site view for web users. To really expand this, integrate Twitter into your Facebook page.

Try out a demo and see for yourself how DriveBuy's platform offer's the most feature-rich text messaging platform for the money!

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